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Why Are You Looking For A Job Change?

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Earlier, we have discussed about how to answer the first question of “Tell me about yourself?" 

Now, let’s discuss how to answer the question of why are you looking for a job change? This is another important aspect of the applicant which the employer wants to know even before continuing with the interview. And in abroad job search, this question becomes even more important. So, let's look into this.

The main goal of any interview is to ascertain your suitability to the job. As such, employers try to find out the answers to come to a conclusion as how you will fit in the job and how you can take up the challenges and excel in that role. Therefore, it has to be kept in mind that interviews are not confessions to tell everything that has happened in your current  and earlier jobs. However, it is equally important to be honest and to give apt answers.

Answers for "Why are you looking for a job Change?" vary from person to person and from situation to situation. The interviewer wants to know the stability of you in a job role.  Here are few points which will help you in answering this tricky question and to prove that you're a competent professional who is looking for a positive change in your career such as career growth, challenging opportunities etc. 

  • Never leave am impression on the interviewer that you’re a person who gets bored with your job or you’re a job hopper who frequently changes the job or who is not interested in doing difficult work.
  • If you have left your latest or previous job willingly, focus on your positive points leading to that situation. You can inform the interviewer that you have been very happy to be working there all these days and you got a chance to learn many things. However, since you have honed your skills, you’re looking for taking up more challenges which is not possible in the that position. You can also cite few challenging situations which you have faced in your previous jobs.
  • Also, job hunt sometimes becomes difficult while working at an organization and also it’s not that ethical. This point can also be highlighted which sounds very positive.
  • Sometimes, your career might not be taking you to where you want to go. In this kind of situation also, you can convey the interviewer that since your current organization is relatively small or a start up and doesn’t provides ample opportunities for growth matching to your education and skill,  you’re looking for other opportunities. 
  • Looking for an organization which provides stable career and which provides opportunities for career growth and world class training is also an apt answer.
  • You can also convince the employer saying that your skillset and experience matches exactly to the job profile and you can’t resist this exciting opportunity and it will be  mutually beneficial to work together.

Follow these tips and ensure that you cross this hurdle with a bang and work in abroad !!! 



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