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What are The Most in Demand IT Jobs in Germany?

IT jobs in Germany

Germany is one of the beautiful places to work and reside. The number of people interested to work in Germany has seen a huge rise during the recent times.

Demand for IT jobs in Germany

Germany is regarded as one of the leading economies in Europe. However, it is one amongst the nations with highest shortage of IT skills. Work permits issued for IT staff represent the major share amongst the 75,000 work permits issued every year under various job categories.

Computer network equipment is the top growing sub sector within the computer hardware market of Germany’s IT market.

Resume for IT jobs in Germany

Individuals applying for have to ensure that each and every detail of the application is presented in a professional and appropriate way. It is significant to note that the experience and the skills have to be outlined clearly and make sure that there is a covering letter for the job intended along with the CV.

IT professionals willing to work in Germany are not laid down with the condition that they need to possess official licensing qualifications .IT employers have interest to hire candidates, who have a IT qualification along with relevant experience. So, with regards to this it is important that the candidate has to highlight this specific point in the application.

Skills for IT Jobs in Germany for Indian

Germany has huge demand for IT professionals over wide range of industries. Recognizing such high demand for the jobs, Germany has passed a new Immigration Act for IT professionals to work in the country easily.

Candidates with Perl, Oracle, PHP, SAP, Java, and Linux are the most in demand skills required for IT professionals in Germany. Microsoft, Oracle and SAP are the few leading employers of the nation hiring IT professionals.



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