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Top 5 Things That You Should Not Say in a Job Interview


Got an interview call? What next? Attending interview, right! Do you know what to say and what not to say in an interview? There are certain things that you should not say in a job interview.

What you should not say in a job interview?
Well, to help you know the things that you should not say in a job interview, we have listed out certain job-interview killers such as:

Perks that you offer
You should not discuss the salary until interviewer raises the issue. Don’t be the first person to bring up salary. All you can do is to mention the pay, which itself gives a message to the interviewer. And, it is better to negotiate the salary after you got a job offer.

Don’t bad mouth your previous experience 
Don’t talk anything bad about your previous company, boss or work experience. Although, you have some bad experiences with your previous company don’t reveal it to the interviewer. You can talk about your challenges you have faced and the way you worked to get positive outcomes. Be positive all the time. This attitude will help you to win your job interview.

I got fired from my last position
Although you were fired from the job, you can convey it a manner that my idea were different from that of my boss ideas and concepts. And, I felt that moving to a new job role would help me to implement my ideas and explore new opportunities. Instead of saying about your past work, you can explain how well you will fit for the available position

I don’t know
If you don’t know the answer for the question, which is asked by the interviewer, you should say that I will try to find out and would answer you by the end of the day. But, if the question is related to your work, then you can try your level best to answer it or else you should be able to manage it.

My weakness is I work too hard
Interviewers can easily make out you, so it is advisable to project what you are instead of boosting yourself in front of interviewer. While explaining your weakness, you should be a bit careful and choose something that is not related to your work.

So, if you follow these interview tips and strategies you can maximize your chances of grabbing an opportunity.



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