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Tips on overseas accommodation

Overseas accomdationGenerally, our choices are restricted to availability and affordability.

Immigrants who land into Canada normally search for affordable rental and end up taking accommodation which way away from main stream city. This not only increases your travelling time but you also pay up more for commuting between office and home.

Now searching for your house, how to search  and where to search.

How to Search:

  • You can use the general source like newspapers and community papers servicing the area you decided.
  • Publications in local retail stores and rental ads.
  • Bulletin posting at libraries, community centers, grocery stores, laundry and places of worship.
  • Real estate offices.
  • Visiting the location to catch a for rent signs.
  • Online search.

Where to search:

It is important to know the place before your rent a home.

Important facts before you rent a house:

  1. Crime rate in the area
  2. Distance between work/school and Home.
  3. What are facilities offered?
  4. Is the place easily reachable?
  5. You also need to check if all the utility bills like Electricity, cable TV, water, heating system and internet are included else you will end up with ever more bigger bill than normal.
  6.  You also need to check on parking and laundry cost in the rental budget.

Before your approaching a landlord:

  • Have your list of short listed houses ready before meeting them.
  • If there is reference involved have the details ready with you.
  • Letter from current employer stating your salary or pay slip.
  • Credit references if applicable.
  • Leave your shoes off at the door before you entry when you go to view a rental unit.

Sharing accommodation:

Sharing accommodation is more affordable for first time arrival immigrants. It will also have many issues like utilities which need to be attended before you sign up. 

While sharing accommodation ensure the responsibilities are equally shared.

There is a need to set right rules about personal property, keys, rent payment, phone, internet, cable bills and respecting each other privacy and living area.

Not having lease agreement for shared the accommodation with the landlord may result in being responsible for roommate’s liabilities. You will be only responsible on what is written in your lease document. So Ensure to get lease agreement in place before you shift.


Before you decide to rent a place, tour around the area in day time and at night to understand on the facts available on the location. You can trust your instinct on this.

Check the locks and insist the landlord to change the security codes. Check on fire safety, space heaters, and fireplace.

Before you start to look for accommodation be ready with check list.

  1. Are the utilities included in the rent?
  2. Are pets allowed?
  3. Can we make changes in the home like painting or decorating?
  4. Parking, do you need to pay extra?
  5. Who are the other tenants?
  6. Who maintains the property?
  7. Conditions on ending a lease?
  8. Repairs.
  9. Any specific restriction and conditions on cancellation of lease?
  10. When can the Land lord entry into the house during the rentals.
  11. Safety of the place?
  12. Sub-let the place to share accommodation?

Do find out on the local rules before you finalize your accommodation to avoid inconvenient surprises.



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