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Telephone Etiquette For Overseas Jobs

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Often you have to communicate with the clients, colleagues, higher-ups or with vendors over phone. Communicating over phone differs a bit from the way you communicate orally. Since, you will not be able to see the body language or facial expressions of the person you're talking to, you have to pay more attention in the way you send the message over phone.

While applying for overseas jobs, most of the employers prefer to take a screening call to check your suitability to their requirement. This is mutually beneficial since it will be a short call and you don’t have to spend hours together. However, employers can gauge your basic manners and professionalism with a phone call itself. And since communication skills play a major role in getting shortlisted for an interview call of overseas jobs, it’s mandatory to be a professional.

Here are few pointers which will help you to communicate well with others over phone while in an interview call or in your profession.

  • Keep the phone two fingers distant from your mouth.
  • Always, have a pleasant tone and introduce yourself first and ask for the person whom you want to talk. If you start conversing without even knowing to whom you're talking to, you will end up in a mess rather than building a rapport with the concerned person.
  • Wish the person appropriately using Mr, Sir and so on.
  • When you make a call, ensure that you don't hear more than 5 rings since people will get irritated if the phone is buzzing continuously. When you receive a call, ensure that you take the call within 3 rings.
  • If the person you're talking to is not available, convey the message, thank the person for his patience and take a leave.
  • Listen carefully and always give sufficient time to others to talk and put their point. Don't continue to talk without even giving a break.
  • Ask them whether it’s the right time to talk or not and then proceed.
  • Also, if it is an important phone conversation, it’s better to prepare rather than fumbling while on the call.
  • Always keep your phone silent when you’re participating in meetings or discussions.
  • Keep a pen and paper ready with you, so that you can jot down important details or information.
  • In-case you have called a wrong phone number, apologize politely.
  • Always ensure that you're courteous and never sound rude.
  • Listen carefully to what others are saying and give them ample time to tell their point. Never interrupt the other person in between the conversation.
  • Use the name of the judiciously, because that is the sweetest word to any person in the world.
  • Speak in a gentle and clear manner so that the other person can hear properly.
  • If you're accompanied by someone and can't talk to the person in a detailed manner, let the other person know the same.
  • In-case you have to direct / transfer the phone call to someone else let the caller know the same before you do so. Also, inform the name of the person to the person whom you’re transferring the call.
  • In-case you receive a call in a meeting, and unless and until it is very urgent and important, don’t attend to it. Even if you do, just tell them that you’re in a meeting and you will get back to them later.
  • If you're leaving a message on the voice mail, see that it’s short and crisp and is not very long.
  • Always ensure that the caller ends the call.
  • Bid farewell and then hang the phone in a gentle manner.

Try these tips and prove your thorough professionalism in the phone too! All the best!!!

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