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How to Speed up Your Job Search

abroad jobs

Is your job search off to a slow start or getting stuck? Here are some keen time-saving job search tips that will help your pursuit for a new job go smoothly. Be More Than Prepared Always have an upgraded resume ready to send – even if you are not currently looking for work. You never know when… Read More

4 Top Paying Expat Jobs in the World


Each country offers different kinds of jobs fueled by its economy, resources, culture and population among other factors. Working abroad is a great way to earn high salary than laboring in the same field in a native country. You will find a lot of international opportunities if you spend a little time and do your… Read More

Handling Your Emotions at Work place


Controlling Your Feelings… Before They Control You Everybody out there have experienced  one of "those" emotional situations, especially people working abroad undergo most of the stress related emotions which they are not habituated to, overseas jobs are at a different level comparatively to native work atmosphere. You know… when your favorite project is cancelled after… Read More

5 social media bays to advance your Career

social media profiles

Every Domestic and Abroad Job Seeker should stop-by to beef up Social media profiles. In the earlier days, we used to sight many post boxes, for communication for any reason. Whether it might be, a friendly or business purpose or emergency purpose, it used to be in an edge fold paper, called Letter. Coming to… Read More

Tips on International Job Search

International job search

Got a job!!!!  Congrats and pat yourself for following the right procedure which landed you with a good job. There are certain points which need to be emphasized while making yourself ready for Job. It going to be a lengthy wearisome process but your chances are much better when these points are considered while applying for… Read More

Telephone Etiquette For Overseas Jobs

secretary answering telephone

Often you have to communicate with the clients, colleagues, higher-ups or with vendors over phone. Communicating over phone differs a bit from the way you communicate orally. Since, you will not be able to see the body language or facial expressions of the person you're talking to, you have to pay more attention in the… Read More

How to Apply for an Overseas Job?

How to Apply for an Overseas Job

Individuals aspiring to work overseas are made available with wide range of opportunities. However, one is expected to know about the procedure to apply job Abroad to come out successfully. There are Certain Significant Steps to Follow to Apply for Overseas Jobs 1. Individuals seeking opportunities to work Abroad are initially suggested to explore for… Read More

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