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Survey Shows America “Reshoring” Its Jobs


A survey conducted last year by BCG shows many American companies moving back their factories from China. 24% of the respondents were engaged actively in the process of shifting their production facilities or planning to conduct it over next two years. Another survey carried out by American Chamber of Commerce in China reflects the same… Read More

5 High Demand Careers in South Africa


The continent of South Africa is suitable for development due to its resources, oil and gas availability and cultivable lands. The political changes and economic recession has created an effect on the employment rates. But things are looking up as the marketing is opening up to new opportunities. The government of South Africa constructed a… Read More

Essential Skills You Need to Work Abroad


Working abroad may sound great but everyone is not able to handle the responsibilities in a foreign land. Working in your own country is different than interacting with a completely different society where being understood forms a basic problem. We will discuss a list of skills and traits essential for anyone considering working overseas. These… Read More

Different Work Visas You Can Get in USA


Many job aspirants look for a career working in the USA. The nation offers promising job opportunities in many fields but a valid visa is required for all cases. Some work categories are really sought after while others do not find much employment. The situation is a bit tricky and you need to know your… Read More

9 Best Countries to Work In


A report released last year called “Where the Great jibs Are” throws light on the countries with best jobs and the worst jobs. The report was undertaken by 24/7 Wall St. along with the partnership of survey company Gallup and non-profit advocacy agency Meridian International. The report utilizes a unique technique to determine the rank… Read More

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