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New Overseas Destination for Indian Job-Seekers

New overseas destination for Indian job-seekers

For those of you, who are looking out for job overseas, the usual run-of-the-mill destinations are no longer popular. Gone are the days when people blindly wanted to try their luck in the West or other European countries. Indians now have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a destination abroad where you can live and work.

Listed here are a few of the Top Destinations chosen by Indian Job-Seekers:

  • China- Being the most populated country of the world, China is a first-stop destination for many companies that are on the lookout for a big marketplace. China is one of the top ten international relocation destinations.
  • United Kingdom- One of the frequently chosen destinations for transfers overseas, the UK and especially, London is a great hit among job-seekers. This is because of the financial and banking services which are important sectors in the business world.
  • Singapore- It is fast becoming a hit among Indians because Singapore is very welcoming to Western businesses and its openness in terms of allowing international businesses to thrive. This island nation is also the fourth in terms of leading financial center in the world. Also, it has highly developed market-based economy which relies heavily on manufacturing, exports and refining imported goods. With more than 110,000 expatriates and 7,000 multinational companies, the opportunities for career growth in Singapore are plentiful.
  • Germany- With a strong service-based economy, Germany has other arenas for growth and development too which includes burgeoning industries like IT, biotechnology, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals.
  • Netherlands- The Netherlands is home to an open marketplace which lays emphasis on professional services. It is home to the oldest stock exchange of the world-the Amsterdam Stock Exchange as well as seven of the world’s 500 top companies.
  • Australia- This down under location is an important source of companies dealing with raw materials. Canberra, the capital city, stands for its reputation for international commerce. Four of the 10 largest corporations by revenue are situated in Sydney. The greatest demand is in Western Australia which is booming with mining industry.

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