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How to increase your chances to get short list from an overseas Employers

International resume

Words” while preparing your ideal “Resume”.

If you are searching for an overseas job, every individual has certain questions initially in their mind: Is my resume providing the required results with it? Is it compelling document that highlights my skill sets and accomplishments to the best advantage? Am I distinguishing myself from the competition by prominently displaying my added value in it?

Many times, your resume is the first in person, who introduces yourself to the overseas employer and serves as your all important first impression. It will create the initial indication of your viability as a real job seeker. As every overseas job seeker knows, initially there will be an ideal introduction through a networking contact with the overseas employer. Then your resume will act chiefly as a substantiating document, showcasing your skills, experience and fit for the position. For these critical documents, you need to be careful while choosing the words.

Applicant- Tracking Systems

An overseas employer’s has altered the hiring process through technology significantly, especially when it comes in short listing the resumes. Due to the huge volume of responses for the posted positions, most of the mid to large scale companies are now using Applicants Tracking Systems to perform a first- level screening of  incoming resumes. Although the Technology is booming now, many job seekers are unaware about the hiring process how it works and all. This mistake can be costly because today’s applicant tracking system process is massive in numbers. Recruiter have their planning’s to hire suitable applicants to pass along to reviewers and recruiters.

Words to use:

Keywords currently in demand through online during hiring.

Before applying for the job through online, study the job posting thoroughly of your of work and identify the skills that are currently in the greatest demand. As employers generally list job requirements in order of importance and they want to note your skills accordingly. Make sure to incorporate these keywords in your profile, so that when employers hit those demandable keywords for particular positions in the online, your profile should appear firstly in front of them. By doing this, you will be showing employers that you are both highly qualified and possess expertise that is cutting-edge and in demand too.

Specifics each employer wants 

While submitting your resume in response to the particular position, you will need to add furtherly to match your skill sets as closely as possible to the posted job requirements. Make sure that whatever input you are giving for your updated resume should be 100% truthful. As it’s your decision as to which skills you choose to emphasize. So, ignore the creative urges and simulating the words. Remember initially, here your final motive is likely going through your initial screening by an applicant tracking system. Software can’t make assumptions — your resume needs to duplicate the advertised skills as closely as possible.

Words that highlight your accomplishments

Mostly, employers generally arise for the same skill set applicant’s like, for a problem solver who will meet the challenges and reach the business objective personality. The applicant’s past performance is considered as the key indicator for the future performance. So accentuate your past accomplishments with words that highlight your positive results you have achieved.

Words that show initiative for presenting your responsibilities you have gone though

Start writing your resume with statements consisting of words as:  Expanded, Effected, Decreased, Exceeded, Increased, Minimized, Increased, Doubled, Increased, Reduced, Tripled and Saved. Then follow these accomplishment words with percentages or other numerical markers of your success.

Apart from this, you should also know about how to frame the innovative solutions to the problems like: handling unforeseen issues that arise in your previous experience and as a problem solver how you involved in motivating the difficult team members. Words that describe initiative include: Developed, Drove, Effected, Eliminated, Implemented, Launched, Turned Around, Managed, Produced and Spearheaded.

Words that display your added value

During writing your updated resume it’s very important to add your achievements too, which will add extra value to show up to an overseas employer’s about your extra ability that you can contribute apart from your work?
Mostly, be sure to demonstrate your experience and skills to an overseas employer’s that how you have your edge over the competition in your previous experience. By starting a couple of resume examples with words such as, "unique combination of X and Y" or "winning combination of…" you will make the point that you bring abilities that others do not



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