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Ireland’s ICT industry’s Recruitment Trends & Predictions – 2015 –Part 1

178980968Archer IT Consultancy, the top job portal and job consultant in Ireland predicts that the ICT industry will continue to grow in the year 2015 since additional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) funds are flowing to the country which will bring new technologies, business models and working practices to the fore.

The need for innovative and mobile applications and mobile software is boosting the chances for people with good experience in the areas of UI, UX and software testing. To sum up, in the year 2015, employers are looking for people who have expertise knowledge and polished communication skills.

Here are the top 10 trends and predictions for the year 2015:

Soft skills

Gone are the days when IT professionals are considered as people who do a desk job on the computers. The changing dynamics in the IT projects expect the professionals to move around across the globe, have excellent soft skills to communicate with the ever growing demands of the clients and collaborate with various people involved in the work. Having polished soft skills will take you to places.  

Expertise matters than experience

Employers are looking for people with rich experience in wide variety of areas, broader skill set and exposure to working on wider technologies. In-addition, people with at-least a career plan of 3 years are considered to be the right fit for the employers’ requirement.

Killer CV & LinkedIn profile

CVs are being used as not only as tools to know the candidates credentials but also their communication skills. Too long profile will question your writing skills and too short profile will question your careless attitude. The year 2015 expects the candidates to have clear and focused profiles which are of 2 – 4 pages of length based on the experience levels. However, being unable to answer even the basic questions in the interview on the information put on the resume will have serious effect on your candidacy.

There are several job portals and job consultants in the job market which will help you in resume writing services. Hiring the service of professional resume writing services will boost your chances of preparing the best resume.

Screening LinkedIn profiles are becoming common while hiring an applicant. Ensure that it is updated and the headshot looks highly professional and the summary sizzles. Also, make sure that it is stuffed with the keywords related to your profile. You can take certain level of liberty while writing the LinkedIn profile as it can be bit informal (personal) when compared to the profile. However, make sure that you don't exaggerate the information and there are no inconsistencies to the resume and LinkedIn profile.

Simulations, technical interviews and pre-interview assignments on the cards

Demand for specialized experience, expertise in newer technologies and having niche skills will be sought after by the employers. Basic and general understanding is not sufficient and employers are looking for people who have proficiency in a particular technology. As such, employers are resorting to validate the candidates’ skills through a series of pre-interview assignments, technical interviews and simulation tests.

Excellent coding skills, switching between frontend and back end development, running manual and automated tests based on the circumstances etc will be used extensively to gauge your skills.

Interviews will be two – sided

Gone are the days where employers used to shoot the questions and the candidate has to answer them. Interviews will become bit informal wherein employers expect to know more about the candidate's attitude, aspirations and career goals. In-addition, employers are even willing to spend money on self branding to attract the right talent.




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