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Importance of “Tell me about yourself”?

Importance of “Tell me about yourself”?

Almost all the interviews start with the question “Tell me about yourself”? The main goal behind asking this question is to find out how you can be the right fit (solution) for the employer's problem (job opening).

This question gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself and to draw the employer's attention towards your strong points rather than the employer asking you random questions. As such, you should make best use of this opportunity to the maximum extent. Remember that the questions followed by your answer will be purely based on the kind of information you provide to them.

To provide the right answer, you have to do bit homework which will help you in answering the question confidently. In-addition, preparing for it will be a good exercise, as you can figure out what exactly you love doing. This will also help you in aiming for the right job.

Instead of repeating the same information presented in the resume, it’s always better to tell a story with anecdotes, facts and figures.

Consider these points:

  • Relate your skills, knowledge and personal attributes to the job and explain the employer how these things can be used for the job
  • Let the employer know that you’re not only a confident and positive attitude person, but are also willing to take up the challenges
  • Give examples of your milestones in your education and career
  • Mention about your abilities and strengths
  • Practice well until you’re confident enough in emphasizing your key points
  • Sound natural and don’t make the employer feel  that it was a scripted one or you’re memorizing it and reading it out instead of conversing with them
  • You can also start with your present status, talk about your past experience and then can focus on your future goals

Make best use of this opportunity to turn the tables to your side and succeed in the interview. Good luck ! 



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