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How to Improve Your CV With a Personal Statement?

How to Improve Your CV With a Personal Statement

A personal statement, also called a profile or career summary, enables you to get entry into the job market easily by catching the recruiter’s eye. It should be a self-proclamation about who you are and why the recruiter should want to call you for an interview in the first place.

Many candidates feel writing a statement is a difficult task but one need not get perturbed. While writing the statement, it is important to note that sounding like a braggart won’t further your cause. Instead it will make it tougher for you during the interview. So, keeping your skill-sets in mind and the job for which you are applying, you should keep your write-up to somewhere between 50-200 words.

As a general rule, you should be writing in the first person. However, the sentences should not necessarily begin with ‘I’. Generally, it is beat to break the statement into three parts

About yourself : Talk a bit about yourself and who you are. This includes your educational qualifications, work experience (which may be a selection criteria) and core skills. All this should suffice but you can expand upon any point as you deem necessary.

What you have to offer recruiters : Your skills should be of value to your prospective employers. Highlight your strong points like achievements at previous work place, the projects you handled or the meetings you participated in.

Career aim : This should be work-specific. For example, if you are looking to enter into the banking sector, you should state your purpose as being in a secure and firm position in the finance organization such that both your employers as well as you could grow in an all-round manner.

Things to avoid:-

  • A jumble of words, especially between the first and third person. This can create unnecessary confusion
  • A lengthy statement with lofty descriptions.
  • A spacing of 1.5 between two lines.
  • Finally, read your profile out loud and see if there is a natural flow in it.


Keeping all the above in mind, you will soon see yourself land a good job with the perfect personal statement.



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