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How Easy is it to Get a Job in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong has already become a top destination for seeking work. The place has a great geographical location and provides infrastructure and technology leveraging growth of jobs. The international lifestyle combined with western and local culture makes it a beautiful place to live and work. But how easy is to get a job in Honk… Read More

4 Top Paying Expat Jobs in the World


Each country offers different kinds of jobs fueled by its economy, resources, culture and population among other factors. Working abroad is a great way to earn high salary than laboring in the same field in a native country. You will find a lot of international opportunities if you spend a little time and do your… Read More

Top 3 Trends that have Changed in IT Recruitment


The world of technology and engineering has gone through tremendous changes in the last 10 years. The emergence of smartphones and Internet of Things has changed the way the whole world operated. This has also caused an impact on the IT and engineering jobs industry. Candidates are using non-traditional ways to seek employment and employers… Read More

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