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Top Jobs In Ireland In 2015


Ireland has lucrative jobs for people with professional qualification, right skill set, experience and communication skills. Here are few jobs which are in huge demand: Project Management: People with good communication skills and excellent organization and planning skills will be the right fit for this job even without having a formal degree in Computer Science /… Read More

Why Should You Work In Ireland?


  Ireland is a developing country with booming economy and offers lot of opportunities for talented people. Here are few reasons to look for job opportunities in Ireland. Read on … Employment Opportunities:- Anyone with considerable experience and educational qualification can find job here. Since most of the multinational companies in Europe run their operations from Ireland,… Read More

Importance of “Tell me about yourself”?

Importance of “Tell me about yourself”?

Almost all the interviews start with the question “Tell me about yourself”? The main goal behind asking this question is to find out how you can be the right fit (solution) for the employer's problem (job opening). This question gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself and to draw the employer's attention towards your… Read More

Start Your Career with a Job in San Francisco


Located in the Northern part of California in the U.S., San Francisco is a beautiful place that lures people from abroad. Getting a job in San Francisco is relatively easy as it has an eclectic mix of many industries and companies where you can suitably see yourself fit in. The only vital point here is… Read More

All You Need to Know About Informational Interviews


Are you planning to seek a job? Then, the first query that buzzes in your mind is how to breakthrough interview successfully. A complete guide of informational interview assists individuals in landing in their dream jobs successfully.  What Actually is Informational Interviews? Informational interview is precisely what it sounds; it is the way through which… Read More

A Complete Guide to Work Abroad- A Quick Glance!

A Complete Guide to Work Abroad

Interested to work abroad? Pondering on how and where to start with? Well, this article is meant for people like you. Here, we have listed out everything you need to know about working abroad.  There are numerous advantages of working abroad starting from ample employability aspects to better career prospects. Working abroad is a great… Read More

New Overseas Destination for Indian Job-Seekers

New overseas destination for Indian job-seekers

For those of you, who are looking out for job overseas, the usual run-of-the-mill destinations are no longer popular. Gone are the days when people blindly wanted to try their luck in the West or other European countries. Indians now have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a destination abroad where you… Read More

Best Tips to Prevent Job Hunt Fiascos


Job hunting can be a daunting task, often leading to frustrations and disappointments. Not being able to land up with the right job of your choice is often the result of so-called blunders. Here are a few tips to help you avoid making such mistakes in future and better your chances of landing in the… Read More

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