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All You Need to Know About Informational Interviews


Are you planning to seek a job? Then, the first query that buzzes in your mind is how to breakthrough interview successfully. A complete guide of informational interview assists individuals in landing in their dream jobs successfully. 

What Actually is Informational Interviews?

Informational interview is precisely what it sounds; it is the way through which individuals can learn details regarding their career path, a precise organization, an industry or even a certain job. However, informational interview is not a job interview; rather it is a chance to converse to a person who holds a job for which you are curious. This Informational Interviews would help individuals to find answers to their queries that they haven’t got an opportunity to ask.

Everybody always highlights the significance of networking. An information interview is an opportunity to extend a new relationship. Individuals might not get a job offer out of it; however, this may help them to get contacts at other firms and useful advice. Individuals may even bond so well that they can turn to that particular person as an adviser in the future. In the informational interview, initially individuals must make an association and next they should ask for favors.

Prior to the Informational Interview

After deciding a person who an individual would like to interview, start the process by finding some personal connections. Individuals should reintroduce themselves to someone they have met. If individuals have a mutual contact, request an introduction and if they can’t find someone, then make a connection by sending them an interested article. Further, individuals should tell them that they would like to learn more regarding their job or organization.

Doing research is the next step. This step is applicable to both the person an individual plan to meet and the organization. In order to be impressive in the job interview, individuals must prove that they have done their homework. Individuals must prepare a list of interview questions, regarding their job, industry or organization prior to attending the interview in order to get through the interview successfully.

During Informational Interview

While attending the informational interview, individuals should dress professionally and carry themselves as they do for a job interview. The only variation here is individuals would ask many queries. However, individuals should not ask for a job, as they know what you are in need of, and individuals are suggested not to talk regarding their work experience unless they ask.

It’s a great opportunity for the individuals to ask as many queries as they want. Individual can ask about the organization’s culture, supervisors and employees to find if they would be a good fit. Individual can also ask regarding the process of getting job in their present role. Try to know about the expectations for entry-level roles. Individuals can learn many things during informational interview, thus make sure to take notes.

Following the Interview

When interview is winded up, thank them as well as ask them how to return their favor as they have spend some valuable time from their busy work schedule to answer all the queries.  Individuals should set up a jointly beneficial relationship. Individuals must demonstrate that they want to give in return to their kindness.

Following the interview, send a thank you note to the respective interviewer. Individuals should maintain an association with the new contact. Try to keep in touch with them through social media if they haven’t already.

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