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A Complete Guide to Work Abroad- A Quick Glance!

A Complete Guide to Work Abroad

Interested to work abroad? Pondering on how and where to start with? Well, this article is meant for people like you. Here, we have listed out everything you need to know about working abroad. 

There are numerous advantages of working abroad starting from ample employability aspects to better career prospects. Working abroad is a great opportunity, which may help to realize your dream. The following are the few aspects that should be considered while choosing working abroad.

Countries that Offer Best Employment Prospects: 

The scope of employment and current job market plays a crucial role on those who wish to work in a specific country. 

  • The nationals of European Union (EU) have the right to work in any other EU member states without work permit.
  • Immigrant visas will be granted to individuals applying from their place of origin. One must not depend on a permanent job when they enter a new country because it is really a time taking process. 
  • Few countries such as the US will grant work visas to people only with definite jobs. These visas will not permit you to stay in the country permanently, so you need to look into the type of visa you require to stay for long period in the country. 

Internships and Exchange Programs:

Here is the list of schemes that lets you gain work experience abroad:

  • Erasmus+ provides opportunities in Europe
  • AIESEC offers foreign internships from six weeks to eighteen months for students and graduates
  • International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience offers paid work experience for engineering, science and applied arts 
  • European Training Services offers three-month placements in Europe
  • Council on International Educational Exchange assists students to find work in US for a certain time

Top Career Options to Work Overseas:

Voluntary work: Volunteering projects deal with handling issues associated with health, education, social care and conservation.    

Teaching: Teaching English as a foreign language. Teachers can find work in state schools, development organizations and education. Foreign schools across the world are in need of qualified teachers and offer many opportunities to them.

Finance: The financial sector also offers ample opportunities to foreign graduates having knowledge in this stream. 

Apart from these, there are many opportunities for foreigners who wish to work abroad. Therefore, anyone who is willing to work abroad can seize a lucrative opportunity in short time.



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