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5 social media bays to advance your Career

 social media profilesEvery Domestic and Abroad Job Seeker should stop-by to beef up Social media profiles.

In the earlier days, we used to sight many post boxes, for communication for any reason. Whether it might be, a friendly or business purpose or emergency purpose, it used to be in an edge fold paper, called Letter. Coming to the much needed Job purpose, letters used to be on stacks but now the words are going digital. Sorry! Words have gone digital. Now we are able to do a thing from scratch without stepping out of home. The multiple platforms we have got now are way more resourceful than our heirs had ever had. 

In a noisy world, with loads of information streaming at us from multiple streams we are adapting the sources without a sweat borne. Even the jobs are lining up in this category. The way we are discovering the vacancies is way more far from the traditional method of walking onto the Employer with a file of certificates in your hand. 

For jobs and to connect with the similar domain experts or employees, we have Linkedin. 
To connect and as a medium, we have the moderate and likeable platform like Facebook, etc., 
with your own niche, you can crack the code in a way of enhancing the methods to get job. The new marketing methods are breaking many barriers which were held upon the rust of our past generation. 

The key is to know which tools are on the market ascend and smart ways to use them.

1. Merge     

Merge your bling account with Linkedin. Merge your LinkedIn Profile with Facebook. 
Merge your work portfolios to your profile. 
Ways to: 
As the embedded files are supported by your LinkedIn Profile, you can upload Resumes, presentations and excel documents under a job in your profile section. Dispose the samples of your work to prove that you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria academically and professionally. Sum on the videos or pictures to your summary to pinnacle your career successes by adding media content to your profile, which will instantly catch someone’s eye and outright you from similar professionals. 

2. Compete 

Your Facebook page is incomplete without your Bio. It is just like a car without number plate. Beefing up your profile by adding your work history, education, interests and hobbies will help you show up in a hiring professional’s search results or draw attention of one of your own graduate senior. Chances are meant to be created at times. Conceptualize and consider it as an opportunity to publicize your profile URL’s in the Job Vacancy groups (Ex: Job Portal) irrespective of the technical sectors. Though, many consider Facebook to be a private and personal site, that hasn’t halted recruiters from using to source talent. 
Ways to:    
When talking to a HR is so easy,
Who said Job isn’t!

3. Twitter chat

When a normal guy made a normal search tweet into a billionaire company, world got astonished looking at the way a medium is utilized to the core. Twitter chats do attract people from various areas. Where, learning and chatting on the topics ranging from an Add to the Product sale leading to the consumption is portrayed as a life cycle. Twitter chats are online Q&A sessions and usually indulge a hash tag keyword to indicate the respective thread. 
Ways to:
The prominent way to get initiated with a twitter chat is to observe an entity following the hash tag(#) and trending column itself shows the most happenings. Building your network and expanding the potential range about yourself and your doings. 

4. Join or host 

Earlier, hosting an event used to be a day dream. But now, Internet has become the god and goddess of every possible need. You are logged in and aired live and shared by a web/Server based camera getting live streamed to as many as people on your interest. Many applications provide video as well as chat functionalities. 
Ways to:
Any usage has a bright and a dark face. Using a platform in a dimensional and visional way yields much and much. Set a Call Interview, send a request as well as mention the streaming link in your profile as well. 

5. Discuss 

In the recent times, discussion came on to digital world, connecting diverge people from diverge areas on diverge topics. Irrespective of the age and gender, one questioned raised over here leads to numerous discussions on the same thread and people get to acknowledge. As they say, Knowledge is power. Here, in Quora, power is transmitted to one another in the form of valuable information and ideas. As, it is always said, by sharing, you even learn more and memorize more. 
Ways to:
For example raise a question in Quora as; what are the skill sets needed to acquire a job in CBI or some other Intelligence Bureau? Answers flood in from the knowledge freaks. 
What you should know?
Enhance why the above keywords work on the bias of positive attitude. The sole idea of portraying any of these tricks is to get you on the radar of a person inside a particular firm or organization. You will score high for your creative and ideological skills when you hit your ideal employer. Although these platforms were designed for personal use and communication, not many are seen using these for a right purpose. But those who have experimented on these platforms have tasted the fruits of success proportionally. 





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